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Antique French Globe de Marriage H 42cm


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A bridal globe is an object made for marriage, in many French regions, between the middle of the 19th century and 1914, intended to collect the bouquet carried by the bride on the wedding day or other keep sakes that represent the married couple’s new life together. This oval glass bell is always very personalized with decorative elements in wax, paper, glass (mirrors) and gilded metal, all with a very strong symbolic meaning. Nowadays these globes are extremely collectable.
This one in my shop is gorgeous with its wax florals, red satin, gilded birds and flowers and little mirror. It’s size is 30 x 18 x H42cm and it weighs 1502 grms. We are master packers so do not worry about breakages, it will be packed extremely well. Postage from France included.

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