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French Laguiole folding knife with leather holder


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Laguiole Knives are made in France alone in the village of Laguiole in Aubrac France. In 1828, the first cutler settles in Laguiole to do his job and make a living. This is the first time that the profession of cutler has appeared in this region. It is also at this time that the first folding knife was made. The bee, one of the symbols of an Original Forge de Laguiole knife, is carved with a file and an engraver. The legend goes that the Napoleonic imperial symbol was attributed to the citizens of Laguiole by Emperor Napoléon himself as a tribute to their courage shown in the services to the emperor. This particular folding knife is in its original box and in mint condition. It has a leather holder with the Laguiole Bee imprinted in the leather. Postage from France included.

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