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French Tastevin Silver plated


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This gorgeous French Tastevin is Silver plated and a little unusual in it’s design. Normally a French Tastevin has rivets and dimples to test the quality of the wine best, but this one has a woven design on the bottom and an unusual handle as well. I have not seen this one before on my searches. If you are not in the wine industry or not interested in wines, this is still a grand item on your desk or in your admin area to hold paper clips for instance. Size of the Tastevin is dia 8cm x h 4cm. Weight is 67 grms. Postage from France included.

What is a Tastevin?
Tastevins are shallow, often dimpled, cups used for tasting by professionals. These flat bottomed shallow cups, which are often worn on a ribbon around the neck, originated in Burgundy where professional wine tasters came to the general agreement that it was easier to judge the color of a red wine when it was poured in a shallow layer over the brightly reflecting silver rather than in a glass where it sat in a greater mass. So popular were such implements during the 17th and 18th centuries that even today they remain the acknowledged ceremonial symbol of Burgundy.

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