Do You Love To Go To Markets?

Provence is famous for its markets and we love visiting markets. Every week in the surrounding villages you will find local food markets, gift stalls of clothes and local artisan creations, and the most famous of all, the Brocante markets. In France, Brocante is really all about vintage and eclectic, that could be anything from an old wine cooler, silver cutlery, napkins, or furniture. Professional Brocante dealers will spend the weeks sourcing their goods and then visit each market on the weekends to make their sales.

The fun of course is in the hunt, but the location of the markets are also the big attraction. The markets are often in the heart of the villages, surrounded by century old buildings and churches, on mostly hot and sunny summer days. (Winter though can also be very special with crisp clear days and icy mornings). Maybe enjoy a coffee or pastry, or even a pastis or mid morning glass of Rose, it is France after all!

The yellow signs are the tell tale sign that the Brocante season has started. They are placed everywhere in the weeks leading up to the day of the Market.

You can experience these markets by joining our next tour or staying with us. With 20 years of experience, we can show you the places to buy that nobody else can!

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