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Provençal Santon Pair


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Provençal Santons are made from the fine clay (argile) found in the region of Marseilles and Aubagne. Two-piece plaster molds made from original carvings are filled with the clay for molding. The piece is removed from the mold for painting before being dried and baked. The hand painting is done with great care, using bright colors and with incredible care for detail.
Santons depict French village life here in the south. This old farmers pair is so gorgeous. The lady is holding a bunch of garlic and a mortar, the gentleman holds a little Rotan jug and a bunch of garlic as well. The mortar is made from stone, the jug is cladded with cane. Both (clay) faces are painted by hand, and the feet, hands and base are also made from clay. All clothes are made by hand. There are collectors for Santons all over the world. I only buy them if I really like the Santon, and this gorgeous old couple I fell in love with straight away. Size: 29 and 30cm. They weigh 927 grms.

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